Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brother Love

When I was just a young impressionable boy of 5 or 6 I stumbled upon the wonders of music (Music other then primary hymns that is). Unfortunately or fortunately I was bound by the restraints of the biologicals; the few records of my mother’s and my father’s newer tapes. Luckily good ol Pierre had a little bit of an ear for tasty tunes. The two tapes that I remember playing over and over as a kid were both Neil Diamond tapes. Loved them. Neil and I spent many hours together building forts or on Sunday faking like I was listening to scriptures on tape when through the headphones Neil preached a more lyrical gospel.
By 1987 though I had moved on to bigger and badder things. As an example one fine day I accompanied my mother to a store by the name of BEST (a 1980’s version of Wal-Mart). I had some serious cash flow in hand from the ever-loving tooth fairy and I was out to by a new transformer. However I also had devious intentions; to purchase Appetite for Destruction by the one and only Guns and Roses (of which I didn’t even dare show Sarah as of the cross and sweet skulls on the cover). I picked out a cheap transformer and while my mother went to the bathroom, I ran to the cash register with the cassette, made my purchase, which in turn I hid in my He-Man undies, and ran back to my place by the bathroom. Axl had replaced Neil and my wayward days began.
Then sometime in my late high school years I found Brother Love again. I like to think that it was either A Hot August Night or perhaps a lovely September Morn either way I was reconverted and I have never looked back.
In 2003 I was able to fly to Washington to see Guns N Rose play. The best concert of my life. But recently it was topped. Yes, I have lived the dream brothers and sisters. I was able to see Neil preach in person. He performed for over 2 hours. I went with my friend Darien (a new convert to Neil) and we sat next to an old Jewish couple who had been to a Neil Show every year since he started performing 37 years ago! I plan on being there for the next 37. Here are some pics from that night and a clip of Brother Love’s Traveling salivation show… Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies cause everyone goes…. Hallelujah for Neil .
PS if just want to see the preaching part start the video at 2 min and 15 sec.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Things are just better under water

Plain and simple. Plan and simple. Like everything else, dudes are just cooler under water.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Great Emails 2

So while busy at work nothing seems to make me laugh or ease the workingman’s pressure more then those little creative motivational poster emails that go around. Funny stuff. As such I was motivated to work on few of my own while at work and here they are. I few of the friends and a few of the co-workers. Enjoy.

Great emails 1

Friday, June 13, 2008

So I surfed some blogs the other day while at work. Yeah, that is right. I tend to only use my computer at work. After work, it is time for the outside. Time for the sunshine. Smiley time. Whatever time. Time for all the good things in life of which because I am on the computer for 8 hours of work; computers have no part. As such I do all my intense banking, reading of personal emails, virtual-social networking, idiot video viewing and so on and so on at work. This is of course alongside that amazing amount of work which I manhandle during a day (Shout out to my boss, Ryan Allen).
Back to point. I was surfing the bloggy-blogs and I realized something. Most blogs were of people’s children, really boring vacations, long view points on recipes, longer view points where the author tries to convince the reader (who I am sure they assume are their bosom buddies of yesteryear) of how much more spectacular their 3.14 children are then anyone else’s.
It almost drove me back to task and work. Instead I fought the blogosphere boredom with some sweet original Nintendo emulation (Super Mario 3).

Having had time to think about this experience now, I would like to raise a glass and pour out some Patron for all of the courageous bolg-stars out there who realize that blogging is for fun. Postings are to try and make others laugh and to escape things: Like working/slaving for the devilish man! I understand that the blog you are currently reading does not do a very good job at this. But hurray for those out there that do. I salute thee.

To those of the family blog type; I did not mean to offend. I am sure once I obtain a wife, that I or she will bombard you with pictures of how fricking fantastic our progeny are, but until then maybe by visiting arichlittletreat every now and again you will find some thing to make you smile. If not, hit up the friend’s links on the right side, some of those authors will be bound to please the Punch out of you!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Who am I? The second post

A few posts back I was a comflicted man. 2 personalalites. But wait... some spring cleaning and a haircut. And Look.... It is me again! And this time I have a cute Scarf!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

SNL and little grade school Richard

I grew up sneaking out of bed on Saturday nights to watch a little Saturday night live. There were many a weekend night that I would tip toe to the living room and watch the television at point blank range with a blanket over the screen and the volume low. The parentals; Sarah and Pierre were a little strict back in the day. Adam Sandler, Norm McDonald, Chris Farley, and the many other legends had me giggling late into the morning. Well, those days are past, now I just hide from my boss as I watch the new ones online. Here are a few vids from my new favorite cast member; Andy. Enjoy.